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Career & Further Studies
Career Development Prospects 

The first batch of graduates from the School of Pharmacy graduated in 1957. The alumni gatherings and meetings were soon organized after the graduation ceremony. The organization of the School of Pharmacy Alumni Association was established in 1963 and a spate of alumni gatherings and meetings started thereafter, with the senior alumni leading younger ones in care of many welfare pursuits for alma mater. Every year in June, after new graduates singing their graduation songs in the ceremony, the alumni association begins recruiting new members into its folds. This allows the young graduates to become acquainted with their predecessors, who would then provide them with employment information advices and recommendations. This has become one of the noble traditions of the School of Pharmacy during the past thirty and so years. A brief introduction of the possible career prospects of graduates of the School of Pharmacy is presented in the following :

Further studies 

Another option open to new graduates, aside from seeking employment, is to pursue further studies based on their individual preferences and interests. They may take on the following paths:
  • Enroll in a graduate school for further studies in pharmacy related courses or other courses of basic sciences.
  • Graduates interested in clinical work may pursue a master degree in Clinical Pharmacy.
  • Graduates interested in pharmaceutics trading or commerce may, after working for a year or two, enroll in a business marketing or financial management master program pursuant to their personal inclinations.
  • Graduates interested in health services and administrative work may pursue further education to expand their background in pharmacy administration or public health services.
  • Principal fields of studies :
    1. Graduate Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
    2. Graduate School of Clinical Pharmacy
    3. Other Graduate Institute of Medicine or Public Health
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