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History & Background
The Department of Pharmacy was established in the College of Medicine, National Taiwan University, by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan in 1953, and the first class of 32 undergraduate students enrolled in that year. The Department of Pharmacy was the first public school of Pharmacy in Taiwan. The Graduate Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences was set up and M.S. program was started in 1970, while the Ph.D. program was started in 1983. In order to improve the teaching and research and to complement each department, the Graduate Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences was divided into three divisions in 1989, including: Medicinal Chemistry (division A), Pharmacognosy (division B) and Pharmaceutics (division C), and a fourth division of Clinical Pharmacy as included in 1993 for education of pharmacists in clinical pharmacy. Furthermore, the fourth division was established independently as the Institute of Clinical Pharmacy in 2000 for advanced education and cultivation of professional clinical pharmacists, and to enlarge the knowledge in medical science as well as to improve medical quality and health care service. In the same year, a fourth division of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology was included. In order to coordinate more efficient teaching and research activities in the Graduate Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, another reorganization was initiated in 2008, resulting in three new divisions, Drug discovery (division A), Pharmaceutical Technology (division B) and Medicinal Biotechnology (division C). The Ph.D. program has been divided into two sub-divisions, Molecular Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology, to achieve the multidisciplinary pharmacy education and to well equip the students as independent and professional individuals.

According to specialties of faculties, the Department of Pharmacy offers many courses, including: basic pharmacy (medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical biotechnology, pharmaceutical analysis) and clinical pharmacy, for cultivation of candidates of R&D and industrial technology, and also for series training for professional specialists in Pharmacy Practice.

Basically, the teaching faculties and facilities are in adequate amounts; however, several high-tech facilities are required for advanced research and further applications. To date, there is still a shortage of pharmaceutical researchers and related workers in our society that needs people skilled in pharmacy and highly demands professional pharmacists in hospitals. Hence, The Department of Pharmacy offers programs and courses that fit the students in need. The Department of Pharmacy welcomes all students who are interested in anything related to pharmacy. The students can learn and experience from the well-designed courses and be equipped with not only the basic pharmaceutical sciences but also professional skills for jobs. The Department of Pharmacy should undoubtedly take the responsibility to educate the students to achieve the goals to footer competent pharmacists, to serve the public and to contribute to research and development of drugs.

Previous Deans of Departments and Graduate Schools

  • 1953/04 ~ 1972/07 : Yun-Tao Sun
  • 1972/08 ~ 1978/07 : Kuang-Chao Wang
  • 1978/08 ~ 1984/07 : Chung-Hsiung Chen
  • 1984/08 ~ 1987/07 : Russel Rhei-Long Chen
  • 1987/08 ~ 1990/07 : Hui-Po Wang
  • 1990/08 ~ 1996/07 : Karin Chiung Sheue Chen
  • 1996/08 ~ 1999/07 : Shoei-Sheng Lee
  • 1999/08 ~ 2000/01 : Karin Chiung Sheue Chen
  • 2000/02 ~ 2005/12 : Ji-Wang Chern
  • 2006/01 ~ 2011/07 : Shoei-Sheng Lee
  • 2011/08 ~ 2016/01 : Jih-Hwa Guh
  • 2016/02 ~ 2017/01 : Ji-Wang Chern
  • 2017/02 ~ 2023/07 : Li-Jiuan Shen
  • 2023/08 ~ : Chun-Jung Lin
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