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The field of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practices is a broad and extensive field of study, which encompasses sub-disciplines in basic, biological, and clinical sciences. With the rapid and intensive investigation in each field we are now confronting with new discovery in pharmaceutical sciences everyday. The design of new drugs is dealt with in medicinal chemistry which is based upon the application of basic knowledge of chemistry, biochemistry and pharmacology. On the other hand, the pharmaceutical industry requires the integration of knowledge in pharmaceutics with industrial and chemical engineering. Biopharmaceutics is a newly developed field that delves into dynamics of drug distribution within the body. It requires the combination of background knowledge in mathematics and biological sciences, the application of which derives distribution model of drug in body and predicts its therapeutic effects. Clinical pharmacy mainly tackles professional aspects of pharmaceutical services, such as establishing a consultation system for drug usage, providing patients with the right medication, and evaluating clinical effects of medication. This field is closely related to knowledge in management and behavioral sciences. As for the field in pharmaceutical marketing and management, it integrates knowledge in sociology, management science, economics, and other humanities courses with social sciences.

At present, the health administrative body is aggressively pushing the modernization and researches in traditional Chinese herbal medicine; this pursuit requires the application of knowledge in Pharmacognosy and Natural Product Chemistry. The training and education of pharmacy professional, be it for a career as a hospital or community pharmacist, a industrial pharmacist, a specialist in research and development for new drug, and as scientific researcher in different sub-disciplines of pharmacy, is a manifestation that the world of pharmacy is truly colorful and diversified. Having acquired both background knowledge in technology and social sciences, a professional pharmacist carries the confidence and pride of one who confronts with bright horizon and promising future.

The health administration is pushing the policy of separation of pharmacy profession from medicine in March of 1997. This move further emphasized the importance of pharmacy profession in health services and also promoted the status of professional pharmacists. Unfortunately, there is currently an acute shortage in high-level professionals in pharmaceutical services and drug industries. Moreover, there is a high domestic demand for pharmacists in marketing and management, not to mention the demand of pharmacists specialized in biotechnology and genetic engineering. These demands call for the ambitious and idealistic young people who are willing to dedicate and explore a career in this promising field. In the United States, pharmacists are regarded as the most trustworthy and respected group of professionals, having a enviable social status even higher than physician. Thus, today, you are indeed fortunate to be at the right time and right place to start to pursuit your career in this promising field.
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