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Message from the Chair
Message from the Chair

   The Department of Pharmacy at National Taiwan University (hereinafter referred to as "NTUDOP") was established in 1953, becoming the first pharmacy department in Taiwan and serving as the cradle for cultivating pharmacy professionals. The NTUDOP was started with a four-year undergraduate program (B.S.) and then the master's programs (M.S.) and doctoral programs (Ph.D.) were established. In 2009, a six-year undergraduate program (Pharm.D. program) was also introduced. Through these programs, the students nurtured by NTUDOP have spread across various medicine and pharmaceutical fields both domestically and internationally, contributing to the nation's public health efforts. Due to the outstanding performance of the alumni, NTUDOP has received high recognition from the public, allowing it to continue advancing and fostering pharmaceutical professionals. From the old Pharmacy building to the current "Shui Sen” building, in honor of the generous donation from the outstanding alumnus Dr. Jane H. Hsiao, these buildings symbolize the dedication and support of former department heads, teachers, and alumni. The educational philosophy of NTUDOP centers on "cultivating excellent pharmacists, promoting innovative services, serving society, and providing leadership in the pharmaceutical society”. As stated by former department head, Professor Sun Yun-Tao, "Medicines prolong life and learning benefits the people; it takes ten years to grow a tree but a hundred years to cultivate a person. Pharmacy education is about benefiting the public and the mission is challenging and long-lasting." This motto serves as the guiding principle for the NTUDOP.

NTUDOP maintains a consistently rigorous training curriculum that progresses from basic sciences to foundational medical courses and culminates in specialized pharmacy courses. This meticulously designed and arranged curriculum aims to enable students to excel in pharmaceutical research and ensure patient drug safety. As medical technology advances rapidly, the disciplines related to the principles of drug action have become increasingly extensive. Moreover, with the implementation of separation of dispensing and national health insurance policies, it is essential for pharmacist training to meet the demands and expectations of society and to adapt to the evolving landscape of modern pharmaceutical knowledge and medication practices. In response to these societal needs and changes in the pharmaceutical environment, the NTUDOP underwent significant institutional reforms. In 2009, NTUDOP introduced a six-year clinical pharmacy bachelor's program (Doctor of Pharmacy, Pharm.D.), initially operating alongside the existing four-year and six-year programs. By 2014, the department fully implemented the six-year Pharm.D. program, showcasing its determination to shoulder social responsibility and contribute to the establishment of a robust pharmaceutical environment in Taiwan.

In addition to cultivating professional pharmacists, the department also aims for diversified educational development. Through the teaching of molecular medicine and traditional Chinese medicine programs, as well as the training of graduate students in master's and doctoral programs, it has become a cradle for the field of biomedical sciences. Graduates from the NTUDOP can be found throughout related fields, and their outstanding performances in various pharmaceutical sectors are widely recognized. Some alumni have ventured into fundamental medical research and have been honored as Academicians of the Academia Sinica. Others have taken up positions in government administrative departments, playing pivotal roles in pharmaceutical policy-making. Moreover, some have engaged in drug development research and achieved successful entrepreneurial ventures. With the advancement of biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals have received significant attention, which provides an active platform for members of NTUDOP community to make significant contributions.

The pursuit of excellence and the commitment to social responsibility have always been the ongoing goals of the NTUDOP. Building upon past efforts, we will continue to strive for improvement, attracting top talents from both domestic and international sources. We will develop research highlights, strengthen collaborations with renowned international research teams, and increase our influence on society and the nation. Our ultimate aim is to become a world-class pharmacy school. Furthermore, we take great pride in the achievements of our alumni, who have always been our strongest support. We will continue to foster strong relationships among faculty, students, colleagues, and alumni, following the exemplary model set by our predecessors in the NTUDOP. We aim to be the eternal caretakers and nurturers of our pharmacy school. With the guidance and assistance of all faculty and alumni, we will uphold the esteemed tradition of NTUDOP and work together to construct a Great School of Pharmacy.

Chun-Jung (Clement) Lin, Ph.D.
Dean, National Taiwan University School of Pharmacy
Chair, National Taiwan University Department of Pharmacy
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