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Full-time Faculty
Pi-Hui Liang
TEL:+886-2-3366-8694     Email:phliang@ntu.edu.tw
Personal Website
PortfolioPortfolio ResearchResearch
Education:B.S. Pharmacy
Ph.D. Pharmacy
Experience:*Genomics Research Center, Academia Sinica, Adjunct Researcher
*Biological Science, UCSD, Visiting Scholar
*School of Pharmacy, National Taiwan University, Assistant Professor
*The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA. USA, Research Associate
*Genomics Research Center, Academia Sinica, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
*Formosa Laboratories, Inc. Researcher and Pharmacist
Honor:2022 Awarded of the 19th National Innovation Award renewal and issue the excelsior Award in recognition of continuing innovations and advancements in R&D
2022 Wu Ho-Su Medical Award, Taiwan Bio Development Foundation
2022 Award for Industry-academia collaboration, National Science and
Technology Council
2022 Future Tech Break-through Award of 2022
2022 Excellent Teaching Award, National Taiwan University
2021 Awarded 18th National Innovation Award in Academic Research
2021 Future Tech Break-Through Award of 2011
2021 Selected as a presenter in Bio Asia-Taiwan in the Spark Asia Showcase and Entrepreneur Pitch
2021 The 31st Medical Research Award, Chin-Hsin Medical
2021 Teaching Award, National Taiwan University
2020 Select as a Spark presenter in BioInvestor Forum 2020
2020 Teaching Award, NTUSP North American Alumni Association
2018 Excellent Teaching Award, National Taiwan University
2016 Excellent Teaching Award, National Taiwan University
2015 Young Investigator Award, Ching Kang foundation for
Pharmacy Promotion
2014 Journal of Medicinal Chemistry's Outstanding Oral
Presentation at the 9th International Symposium for Chinese
Medicinal Chemists
2011 Excellent Teaching Award, National Taiwan University
Research Areas:Design and Synthesis New Drugs, Medicinal Chemistry, Organic chemistry, Biological assay development
Lab Focus:Research in the laboratory of Dr. Liang is focused on applying medicinal chemistry to encompass medicinal and biological significance. Projects involve the design and synthesis of enzyme inhibitors or receptor agonists/antagonists for a wide variety of diseases, such as cancer, immunomodulating agents and osteoarthritis. We welcome scientists that would like to devote to the new drug development field.
Research Subjects:1. The development of glycolipid and saponins for immunotherapy.
2. The design and synthesis of saponins for anticancer.
3. Cartilage regeneration of osteoarthritis.
4. Target delivery of anticancer drugs
Lab Requirements:Personality: honest, optimistic, and responsibility.
Skill: organic synthesis and have a curious mind.
Lab Members:Current members
Post-Doc Researcher
You-Yu Lin
Chun-Kai Chang
Ph.D. Students
Pei-Fang Chiou
Chao-lung Lin
Kuei-Yao Tsai
Yu-Chi Huang
Master students
Cheng-Ru Chen
Chung-Shun Lin
Chen-Kung Chang
Wen-Hui Hsueh
Research Assistants:
I-Chi Wang
Lab Manager:
Amy Chen

Past members
Ming-Han Hsieh (2010)
Ting-Shuan Tang (2010 summer)
Ying-Hsin Wang (2011)
Nikki Ya-Wen Liu (2011)
Yi-Bin Zeng (2012)
Yi-Chun Chen (2012)
Hsien-Wei Yeh (2012)
Yin-Jen Lu (2013)
Hsin-Min Hsiao (2013)
Hui-Yi Yang (2014)
How-Wen Cheng (2014)
Kuo-Ting Chen (2015)
Yue-Hne (2016)
Tsung-Yun Wong (2016)
Tzung-Sheng Lin (2016)
I-Chen Liu (2017)
Hsiao-Wen Wang (2018)
Ying-Ying Tsai (2018)
Chia-Nan Chang (2018)
Yen-Hsun Lai (2018)
Yi-Chun Lin (2019)
Jing-Xiu Cao (2019)
Chee-Wai Chaw (2019)
You-Yu Lin (2020)
Ru-Xian Lin (2021)
Yu-Ting Chou (2021)
Wan-Lan Ku (2021)
Yu-Pu Juang (2022)
Chun-Kai Chang (2022)
I-Chi Wang (2022)
Recruitment:New Drug Development.
Ph.D program: one student/year
M.Sc program: 1 to 2 students/year
Wanted:Looking for Postdoc in Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Science, Biology, and BioChemistry. Please email Prof. Liang directly.
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