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Full-time Faculty
Wen-Jen Lin
TEL:+886-2-3366-8765     Email:wjlin@ntu.edu.tw
PortfolioPortfolio ResearchResearch
Education:Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics, University of Iowa, USA
Leader of Pharmaceutical Research Group, Drug Research Center
Honor:Ching-Kang Foundation Young Teacher award
Professor Li Jhao Ren Foundation Research Scholar award
Research Areas:Nanomedicine, Pharmaceutical dosage form design, Pharmacokinetics, Stability.
Lab Focus:Our research interest basically focuses on the area of advanced targeting and delivery systems of polymers. We use the modification and synthesis techniques to develop novel polymers with special character and targeting function. Meanwhile, we apply the concept of dosage form design to develop the nanoparticulate/microparticulate delivery systems. The combination of functional polymers and particulate delivery system to achieve targeting and delivery of drug to specific areas of the body is our perspective. The other research interests include the design of micropore-controlled membranes and tablets, and the development of a novel hot-melt fabrication method for microparticles.
Research Subjects:1. To establish the passive/active targeted nanoparticle/micelle platform for siRNA, pDNA and anticancer drugs delivery
2. To establish the nanoparticle platform for sustained and stomach-specific oral delivery of acid labile drugs
3. To develop novel functional hyaluronic acid conjugated niosomes for skin anti-aging
4. To establish the micropore controlled delivery system combined with osmotic driven mechanism to sustain and control drug release
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