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Full-time Faculty
Li-Jiuan Shen
TEL:+886-2-3366-8792~3     Email:ljshen@ntu.edu.tw
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In press:
1. Electronic clinical surveillance system to identify unmet treatment needs for patients encountering osteoporotic fracture. Journal of Medical Internet Research. (2018.01accept) (SCI)

2. Hseuh-Ju Wang, Hsiu-Li Yang, Shu-Chiao Lin, Fe-Lin Lin Wu, Chun-Yu Wang, Li-Jiuan Shen, Chiu-Hsin Lin. Review the regulations of the compounding in developed countries and propose the guidance of the hospital pharmacy compounding in Taiwan. Formosan Journal of Medicine (2016 accept)
Books:Name:Chapter 11: Chitosan and alginate nanoparticles as oral insulin carrier. In Patenting Nanomedicine. (2012)
Authors:Wong TW, U Mandal, LJ Shen.

Name:Non-prescription Drugs (2nd edition) (2011)
Authors:Fe-Lin Lin Wu, Li-Jiuan Shen, ed.

Name:Colorimetry. IN: Encyclopedia of Medical Devices and Instrumentation (2nd edition) (2006)
Authors:Shen LJ, Mandel R and Shen WC

Name:Patient Medications Education (1999)
Authors:Li-Jiuan Shen(Writer and editor)

Name:非處方藥 (1999)
Authors:Li-Jiuan Shen(Writer and editor)

Name:家庭藥師 (1997)

Name:醫院調製藥品之管理與品項 (2017)

Posters & Speeches:Subjects:Impact and development of clinical pharmacy. (2008)
Speakers:Shen LJ
Address:Symposium for the frontier of Asia-Pacific pharmaceutical sciences.(Taichung, China Medical University)

Subjects:Correlation between therapeutic outcome of anti-tuberculosis and genetic polymorphism of NAT 2 in Taiwan aboriginals. (2008)
Speakers:Shen LJ
Address:2nd Asian Pacific International Society for the study of Xenobiotics, Shanghai, China

Subjects:如何取得與面對藥品安全資訊 (2010)
Speakers:Shen LJ
Address:臺灣內科醫學會年會 Taipei, Taiwan

Subjects:Current status of pharmacists post-graduate year training in Taiwan. (2011)
Speakers:Shen LJ
Address:Annual Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Taiwan, Pingtung, Taiwan

Subjects:臨床藥學服務 (2011)
Speakers:Shen LJ
Address:海峽兩岸藥學院院長論壇, 南京

Subjects:臺灣PGY臨床藥學教育 (2012)
Speakers:Shen LJ
Address:藥物治療學暨臨床技能教學研討會, 臺北

Subjects:臺灣藥學教育制度與藥師執業內容及環境 (2012)
Speakers:Shen LJ
Address:海峽兩岸醫藥服務與管理制度交流研討會, 北京

Subjects:PST-GPP International Training Program & Travel Grant Scholarship (2012)
Speakers:Shen LJ

Subjects:臺灣六年制藥學教育對業界影響 (2013)
Speakers:Shen LJ
Address:Annual Meeting of the Taiwan Society of Health-system Pharmacists, Taipei

Subjects:從臨床觀點看藥品治療品質談起 (2014)
Speakers:Shen LJ
Address:臺灣學名藥發展策略論壇. 高雄醫學大學藥學院健康經濟與政策研究中心

Subjects:臨床試驗用藥管理的國際新趨勢 (2014)
Speakers:Shen LJ

Subjects:The Safe-Guard System for Patient Safety-Experiences of a Medical Center in Taiwan. (2014)
Speakers:Shen LJ
Address:Taiwan Drug Quality Forum. 台灣臨床藥學會 & 台灣諾華.

Subjects:整合式藥事服務:以Warfarin門診為例. (2014)
Speakers:Shen LJ
Address:台灣整合照護學會第一屆第二次會員代表大會暨學術研討會. 臺北主辦單位:台灣整合照護學會. 合辦單位:台北榮總高齡醫學中心

Subjects:現階段民眾面臨的用藥問題. (2014)
Speakers:Shen LJ

Subjects:整合式藥事服務:以Warfarin門診為例. (2015)
Speakers:Shen LJ
Address:台灣臨床藥學會103年度中區雙月會. 彰化基教醫院

Subjects:ADR reporting experiences at NTUH (2014)
Speakers:Shen LJ
Address:藥物安全研討會. 法國大巴黎地區藥物監控中心. Hôpital Européen Georges-Pompidou (HEGP)

Subjects:缺藥問題面面觀-需求面醫院製備用藥的臨床需求與現況探討 (2015)
Speakers:Shen LJ
Address:台灣製藥發展政策與產業環境研討會. 台北. 中華民國製藥發展協會.

Subjects:Pharmacy Education at National Taiwan University & Pharmacy Practice in Taiwan. (2015)
Speakers:Shen LJ
Address:2015年中國臨床藥學會國際研討會. 南京. 中國藥科大學.

Subjects:Heparin-Binding Hemagglutinin Adhesion Peptide for Protein Drug Delivery. (2015)
Speakers:Shen LJ
Address:15th Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America (SCBA) International Symposium, Academia Sinica, Taipei

Subjects:課程設計與教學技巧 (2015)
Speakers:Shen LJ
Address:臺大醫學院104學年度醫學教育暨新進教師研習會-實用教學工作坊. 台北. 臺大醫學院.

Research Projects:Subject:Constructing Evidence-Based Clinical Decisions Supporting Research Using Population-Based Claimed Database
Duration:2014-08 ~ 2015-07
Principal Investigator:Li-Jiuan Shen

Duration:2006-05 ~ 2006-12
Principal Investigator:Li-Jiuan Shen

Subject:Regulation of intracellular aginine in human cancer cells and the pharmacogenetic study of recombinant arginine deiminase
Duration:2005-08 ~ 2006-07
Principal Investigator:Li-Jiuan Shen

Subject:脫醯胺酶穿胞運輸(transcytosis) 功能之重要序列之研究
Duration:2008-08 ~ 2009-07
Principal Investigator:Li-Jiuan Shen

Subject:Effect of RNA interference of argininosuccinate synthetase and arginine deiminase on malignant cells
Duration:2008-08 ~ 2010-07
Principal Investigator:Li-Jiuan Shen

Subject:Using heparin-binding haemagglutinin adhesion (HBHA) transcytosis peptide as a novel drug delivery carrier
Duration:2007-08 ~ 2008-07
Principal Investigator:Li-Jiuan Shen

Subject:Clinical investigation of anti-tuberculosis drug isoniazid and metabolizing enzyme N-acetyltransferase 2 genetic polymorphism in Taiwan ethnic groups
Duration:2007-03 ~ 2009-02
Principal Investigator:Li-Jiuan Shen

Subject:The pharmacogenetics study of drug-metabolising enzyme genetic polymorphisms in aboriginal and Minnan/Hakka ethnic groups in Taiwan
Duration:2005-07 ~ 2006-06
Principal Investigator:Li-Jiuan Shen

Subject:Effect of recombinant arginine deiminase on nNOS-mediated NO production and neuron protection
Duration:2006-08 ~ 2007-07
Principal Investigator:Li-Jiuan Shen

Subject:Lipoamidase as a novel protein-drug delivery carrier in human intestine ( NTU Frontier Grant, Taiwan)
Duration:2006-09 ~ 2008-08
Principal Investigator:Li-Jiuan Shen

Duration:2010-09 ~ 2011-08
Principal Investigator:Li-Jiuan Shen

Duration:2012-10 ~ 2013-09

Duration:2012-10 ~ 2013-09

Subject:Dual modifications of recombinant arginine deiminase (rADI) for intracellular delivery and tumor targeting
Duration:2011-08 ~ 2012-07
Principal Investigator:Li-Jiuan Shen

Subject:Active pharmacovigilance system
Duration:2015-01 ~ 2017-12
Principal Investigator:Li-Jiuan Shen

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