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Wan-Tseng Hsu
Title:Associate Professor
TEL:+886-2-33668195     Email:wantsenghsu@ntu.edu.tw
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Posters & Speeches:Subjects:Amphiregulin and Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase Non-redundantly Regulate Butyrate-Induced Enhanced Immunomodulation of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells (2017)
Speakers:Wan-Tseng Hsu
Address:International Cytokine and Interferon Society, Cytokines 2017, Kanazawa, Japan

Subjects:Transition of Pharmacy Education from Bachelor of Science to Doctor of Pharmacy Impacts Student Career Path for Pharmacy Professionals in Taiwan. (2018)
Speakers:Tsun-Yu Yang, Wan-Tseng Hsu
Address:IPSF World Congress 2018, Mendoza, Argentina.

Subjects:A Protocol-driven Heart Failure Clinic Staffed by Pharmacist Specialists with an Interactive Mobile Phone–Website Platform (2019)
Speakers:Wan-Tseng Hsu
Address:The 49th Annual Convention & Scientific Session of the Taiwan Society of Cardiology, Taipei, Taiwan

Research Projects:Subject:Develop an adipose-derived stem cell-based approach for the immunomodulation of obesity-induced metaflammation through butyrate regulation
Duration:2017-12 ~ 2018-10
Principal Investigator:Wan-Tseng Hsu

Subject:A step toward reversing the rapid emergence of young female breast cancer in Taiwan
Duration:0110-08 ~ 0111-07

Subject:Screen of FDA-approved bioactive compounds to prime adiposederived stem cells for enhanced immunomodulation and attenuated mitochondrial bioenergetics in a spontaneous mouse model of metabolic syndrome
Duration:2018-08 ~ 2019-07

Subject:Explore melatonin as a therapeutic strategy to prime adipose-derived stem cells for enhanced immunomodulation in a spontaneous mouse model of metabolic syndrome
Duration:2019-01 ~ 2019-12
Principal Investigator:Wan-Tseng Hsu

Subject:Develop an adipose-derived stem cell-based approach for the immunomodulation of metabolic syndrome-induced adipose tissue inflammation and cardiac dysfunction through butyrate regulation
Duration:2019-08 ~ 2020-07
Principal Investigator:Wan-Tseng Hsu

Duration:2020-01 ~ 2020-12

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