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Regulations for National Taiwan University School of Pharmacy Professor Ku, Wen-Hsia Memorial Student Club Scholarship
Updated Oct. 01, 2019
I. Subject:
In memory of Professor Gu, Wen-Xia, who devoted herself to the teaching and service of the Department of Pharmacy at the early stage of its establishment, and especially valued the activities and internships of students outside the classroom, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shengda Pharmaceuticals, Fan, Jin-Tsai (a 4th year alumnus of the Department of Pharmacy of National Taiwan University), donated NT$5,000,000 to the School of Pharmacy of National Taiwan University (hereinafter referred to as the College) to establish the "Professor Gu, Wen-Xia Gu Memorial Scholarship Fund" in accordance with Article 6 of the Management of Investment Income of the College. The purpose of this donation is to promote the concept of unity of learning and application in education, and to cultivate students' leadership skills, service, and contribution to society.
II. Applicants:
Student clubs of the faculty.
III. Application:
Before the end of August each year, the person in charge of the student club shall submit the previous year's plan and the implementation status of funds to the School, as well as the budget for the next year. Application is only accepted with complete documents.
IV. The principal of the account will not be moved, however, the yield will be transferred annually to a special fund established by the College of Medicine, which will be used by the College to manage the examination and payment of scholarships.
V. Selection and distribution:
The School Student Affairs Committee shall determine the awardee and the amount of the scholarship for the current year's application and announce the award after the report is approved by the administrative affairs meeting of School of Pharmacy . The approved quota is adjusted according to the annual yield and actual application status. The unexecuted amount of yield in the year will be added to the following year's bonus amount.
VI. The awarded unit should assist in activities related to pharmacy teaching and research once during the year.
VII. The Regulations shall be approved by the administrative affairs meeting of the school and reported to the administrative affairs meeting of College of Medicine, the administrative meeting of the university for adoption, and shall be effective on the day of announcement.