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Message from the Dean

The National Taiwan University School of Pharmacy (hereafter in “NTUSP”) consists in Pharmacy department, Graduate Institute of Clinical Pharmacy, and Drug Research Center, and it is the first and the leading pharmacy school in Taiwan. The school is located in the pharmacy building "SHUI-SEN HALL", which was donated by an outstanding alumnus, Dr. Jane H. Hsiao. There are over a hundred faculty members in the NTUSP, including the full-time and part-time faculty members, joint and adjunct faculty members, appointed experts and specialists, and clinical preceptors to support the teaching and research activities in the school.

Each year, the Department of Pharmacy enrolled 50 Pharm.D. students, 24 master’s students, and 8 Ph.D. students. The Graduate Institute of Clinical Pharmacy admits 10 master’s students and 3 Ph.D. students every year. The school also offers Molecular Medicine Program and Chinese Herbal Medicine Program. The mission of our school is to foster competent pharmacists, to serve the public, and to contribute to research and developments. We believe that our school will enrich the services and research that improve medication safety, enhance students’ global vision and social care perspective, and fulfill the social responsibility.

It’s my privilege to be entrusted with the deanship. In addition to carrying forward the achievements that the previous Deans have made, I will further work on five areas with the core values profession, science, and humanity.

1. Enhance pharmacy education and attract international talents
2. Endeavour financial, human, and space resources
3. Enrich the connections of faculty members, students, and the alumni
4. Establish internationally renowned research team
5. Expand our social impact

Over the years, we follow our funder, Prof. Yun Tao Sun’s spirits to foster and encourage young students, and make our efforts in cultivating and developing the School. With the great traditions and spirits, and the support from our distinguished faculty members, students, and alumni, we will move forward to a prestigious school of pharmacy.

Li-Jiuan (Rita) Shen, Ph.D.
Dean, National Taiwan University School of Pharmacy