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Message from the Dean

The School of Pharmacy at National Taiwan University (hereinafter referred to as "NTUSP") was established in March 2013 with the approval of the university authorities. In May of the same year, it was officially recognized and approved by the Ministry of Education. Currently, NTUSP consists of three units: the Department of Pharmacy (including graduate programs), the Institute of Clinical Pharmacy, and the Center for Drug Research.

The main administrative, research, and teaching activities of NTUSP are conducted in the "Shui-Sian Hall," a building generously donated by the distinguished alumnus Dr. Jane H. Hsiao. Additionally, the laboratories related to medicinal chemistry are primarily located on the 9th floor of the College of Public Health Building, which is adjacent to the Shui-Sian Hall. Furthermore, considering the future development needs of the College, there are plans to construct a second pharmaceutical building.

Since 2014, NTUSP has fully implemented a six-year pharmaceutical education program. The primary goal is to cultivate students into competent and outstanding pharmacists. Nevertheless, NTUSP also encourages students to broaden their horizons and pursue diverse careers. Graduate Institute of Pharmaceutical Science offers Master's and Ph.D. programs, focusing on research areas such as new drug exploration, pharmaceutical technology, and medical biotechnology. The Institute of Clinical Pharmacy also accepts Master's and Ph.D. students, engaging in research related to clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical management. The educational philosophy of NTUSP is centered around four main principles: cultivating excellent pharmacists, promoting innovative services, serving society, and providing leadership in the pharmaceutical society. The NTUSP aims to fulfill its social responsibilities by nurturing pharmacy professionals with a strong sense of social awareness and a global perspective. Graduates are expected to uphold professional knowledge and ethical standards in their pursuit of innovative pharmaceutical services and research development.

NTUSP actively expands its international cooperation by establishing partnerships with several renowned university pharmacy schools. Annually, NTUSP holds International Research Days in collaboration with the University of Michigan, Ohio State University, and Kyoto Pharmaceutical University. Moreover, NTUSP has signed a "win-win-win" International Ph.D. Talent Cultivation Program with the University of Michigan. Furthermore, NTUSP selects students for clinical pharmacy overseas internships at various institutions, including Ohio State University and the University of Southern California in the United States, Singapore General Hospital, and Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. With the help of "Project LEAPNTU" that was established in 2018, NTUSP aims to enhance research capabilities, strengthen talent development, and optimize teaching and research environments. Ultimately, the vision is to become a globally renowned center for pharmacy education and academic research.

Continuing the efforts of the past, we will strive to improve further, attracting top talents from both domestic and international sources to develop research highlights. We will strengthen collaborations with internationally renowned research teams, foster strong relationships among NTUSP and alumni, and increase our impact on the nation and society. We will also follow the excellent examples set by the mentors of NTUSP and become perennial gardeners of the pharmacy profession, continuously nurturing and caring for our School of Pharmacy. With the guidance and assistance of all the faculty and alumni, we can uphold the fine traditions of NTUSP and work together to build the Great School of Pharmacy.

Chun-Jung (Clement) Lin, Ph.D.
Dean, National Taiwan University School of Pharmacy