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Undergraduate or graduate students in their second year (inclusive) or above in the School of Pharmacy

The Ru-Gui Wei Memorial Scholarship for Students of NTUSP
Updated Dec. 25, 2018
I. Purpose:
Hui-Zhong Hong (Alumni of NTU 28th Department of Pharmacy) and her sister, Hui-Ran Hong, for the tribute to their mother Professor. Ru-Gui Wei (Alumni of NTU 1st Department of Pharmacy), who back to the department of Pharmacy in its founding stage once graduated from overseas institute, and devoted to her long last teaching career, has donated NTD 100,000 to department of pharmacy, and set up the sustainable funding account of The Ru-Gui Wei(魏如圭) Memorial Scholarship for Students of Department of Pharmacy, and harnessing the interest as scholarship, in order to encourage the bright and young generation, to pass down the scientific pharmaceutical research as a priceless legacy.
II. Target:
National Taiwan University, Undergraduate School and Graduate School of Pharmacy (third year or above)
III. Quota:
2 for every academic year.
IV. Amount:
NTD 20,000 per student.
V. Applicant had to meet at least one of the following criteria:
(A) GPA of last academic year higher than (or equal) 3.38, no fail subject, no record of punishment.
(B) Own the certificate of poverty, GPA of last academic year higher than (or equal) 2.92, no fail subject, no record of punishment.
VI. Materials:
One set of application form, one set of past year transcript, one set of certificate of award and punishment record (including the reason) and other support documents.
VII. Application time and unit:
Submit the application to NTU School of Pharmacy before the end of December every year.
VIII. Review:
Materials submit by the applicants will be review by School of Pharmacy Reviewee Committee. Announcement will be making once approval is done.
IX. The recipient of this scholarship shall not overlap with recipient of other scholarship or public expenses, in order to protect the purpose of advantageous to all student of School of Pharmacy.
X. Awarded student should assist the department in conducting research and teaching related activities for once.
XI. This regulation shall come into force on the day of its promulgation, upon the approval of College Affairs Committee and send to College of Medicine Affairs Committee and NTU Administrative Committee for review and recordation.