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Undergraduate or graduate students in their second year (inclusive) or above in the School of Pharmacy
Quota: At least 4 students per academic year
Amount: NT$20,000 to NT$50,000 per student
Funding Source: Donations from alumni and yields

Regulations for National Taiwan University School of Pharmacy Professor Sun, Yun-Tao Memorial Scholarship
Updated May 15, 2018
I. Preface
Dr. Sun, Yun-Tao, departed Honorary Professor of the School of Pharmacy, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University (hereinafter referred to as the SOP), devoted his life to pharmacy education and taught in the SOP for 30 years from 1953 to 1983. He loved the youth, nurtured students, and had students now spread all over the world. His scholarly demeanor and spirit of governance and studying are even more admirable. After Dr. Sun's death, his foster daughter, Ms. Du Li, donated her inherited estate of NT$5,000,000 to the College of Medicine, National Taiwan University to continue Dr. Sun’s vocation. “Professor Sun, Yun-Tao Memorial Scholarship” Sustainable Fund Account was established in accordance with Article 6 of “Guidelines Governing Investment Income and Expenses.” The interest yielded from the account was used as scholarships to support the advancement of pharmacy research and professional services.
II. Applicants:
Undergraduate or graduate students in their second year (inclusive) or above in the School of Pharmacy.
III. Quota:
At least 4 students per academic year.
IV. Amount:
NT$20,000 to NT$50,000 per student.
V. Applicants must meet one of the following criteria:
(A) A minimum GPA of 3.38 (inclusive) in the previous academic year with no failures in any subject and no disciplinary record.
(B) Those who have a low-income family certificate, with a minimum GPA of 2.92 (inclusive) in the previous academic year, no failures in any subject, and no disciplinary record.
VI. Documents to be submitted:
One copy of the application form, one original transcript of previous years, one certificate of reward and punishment record (including reasons for reward and punishment), and other relevant certificates.
[Download Application Form]
VII. Application time and location for this scholarship:
Applications may be submitted to the School of Pharmacy, College of Medicine by December 31 each year.
VIII. Selection and distribution of the scholarship:
The Selection Committee will take into account the quota and amount of scholarships based on the submitted documents.
IX. Students who receive this scholarship are not eligible to receive other state-financed funds or scholarships funded by the University to maintain the objective of benefiting our students inclusively.
X. The awarded students have to assist in activities related to pharmacy teaching and research once during the year.
XI. The Regulations shall be approved by the administrative affairs meeting and reported to the affairs meetings of the School of Pharmacy and the College of Medicine and the university administrative meeting for adoption and shall be effective on the date of announcement.