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Applicants: First-year and second-year students of the doctoral program in the School of Pharmacy

Regulation of The XinChen Foundation Research Scholarship and Grant for Students of NTUSP
Updated Nov. 18, 2022
I. Purpose of establishment and introduction:
Alumni of the 18th edition, Professor Chih-Ming Chen has founded Allegenesis Biotherapeutics Inc, TWi Biotechnology Inc and USA Gerbera Therapeutics Inc Taiwan Branch. At the same time, he has also founded XinChen Foundation, for the purpose of contribute feedback to society and alma mater. In order to encourage the participation of outstanding master’s student into Graduate School of Pharmacy, devoting themselves to research job and elevating the quality of academic research, the XinChen Foundation Scholarship and Grant for Students of Department of Pharmacy, National Taiwan University has been founded.
II. Award target and period of application:
(A) Only for first year and second year doctoral student of School of Pharmacy, National Taiwan University.
(B) Application open once in every year; those meet the conditions please attached application material and submit their application after the open school of first semester in the academic year. After the review process the material will send to XinChen Foundation.
III. Amount of incentive and financial aid:
After the proposal was carried by the foundation, NTD 20,000 will be provided to the selected doctoral student every month, maximally NTD 960,000 for four years. A chance of attend the companies established by Professor Chen for career selection has been offer alongside, after the doctoral student is graduated.
IV. Materials for application:
(A) Three copies of proposal, included one page of summary in both Chinese and English (Included keywords), background, goal, method and procedure, result and reference, the proposal should not be more than three pages.
(B) Attachment:
Resume and research result of applicant, and the bibliography of advisor in the last five years.
Applicants should ready all the material in a comprehensive manner and submit to the college for review.
V. Review:
(A) Upon the proposal has been approve by XinChen Foundation, foundation will inform the awarded student and college with letter. If successfully acquired the subsidy, awarded student should submit the yearly proposal included complete content of research and execution progress (written in Chinese or English, no more than twenty pages) within a month ahead of receiving the inform letter from foundation.
(B) Awarded student should submit the progress report of research on the 30th September every year, start from the next year of receiving subsidy, college will deliver the report to foundation for review. First- and second-year student of doctoral class should attach their past year transcript along. Progress report should include remarks from advisor. Foundation will make comprehensive evaluation based on the research result, academic performance, and advisor’s remarks. Those fail to meet the standards or progress, foundation attain the right to terminate his/her scholarship.
VI. The recipient of this research scholarship shall not overlap with recipient of The XinChen Foundation Scholarship and Grant for Students of Department of Pharmacy, in order to protect the establishment purpose of this foundation, which is advantageous to all student of School of Pharmacy.
VII. The applicant who accept this scholarship and grant aid, if there is any derived patent, XinChen Foundation and any other certain companies serve the right of prioritized negotiating.
VIII. This regulation shall come into force on the day of its promulgation, upon the approval of College Affairs Committee.