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Undergraduate or graduate students in their second year (inclusive) or above in the School of Pharmacy
Quota: At least 4 students per academic year
Amount: NT$20,000 per student
Funding source:
Donations from alumni (paid by Ching Kang Foundation for Pharmacy Promotion)

Regulations for the Liang, Wen-fu and Su, Hsi-Chueh Memorial Scholarship
Updated Dec. 18, 2020
I. Subject:
Mr. Liang Chi-Ming, the alumnus of the 14th class Department of Pharmacy, National Taiwan University, is thankful for his parents’ kindness, and actively gives back to his alma mater. In order to reward students for successfully completing their studies and to encourage the spirit of hard work, the “Regulations for the Liang, Wen-Fu and Su, Hsi-Chueh Memorial Scholarship” was established (hereinafter referred to as the Scholarship).
II. Applicants:
In-school undergraduate or graduate students in their second year (inclusive) or above in the School of Pharmacy, National Taiwan University (hereinafter referred to as the School).
III. Quota:
4 students for each academic year.
IV. NT$20,000 for each student (paid by the Ching Kang Foundation for Pharmacy Promotion).
V. Applicants must meet one of the following criteria:
(A) A minimum GPA of 3.38 (inclusive) in the previous academic year with no failures in any subject and no disciplinary record.
(B) Those who have a low-income family certificate, with a minimum GPA of 2.92 (inclusive) in the previous academic year, no failures in any subject, and no disciplinary record.
VI. Documents to be submitted:
One copy of the application form, one original transcript of previous years, one certificate of reward and punishment record (including reasons for reward and punishment), and other relevant certificates.
VII. Time for the scholarship application:
Applications will be announced by the end of November and shall be submitted by December 31 each year.
VIII. Selection and distribution of the scholarship:
A Selection Committee will review the submitted documents ; the list of awardees will be sent to the Ching Kang Foundation for Pharmacy Promotion after approval, and then the scholarship will be awarded at a scheduled time.
IX. Students who receive this scholarship are not eligible to receive other scholarships funded by the University in order to maintain the objective of benefiting our students inclusively.
X. The awarded student have to assist in activities related to pharmacy teaching and research at least once during the year.
XI. The Regulations shall be approved by the administered affairs meeting of School of Pharmacy, and shall be effective on the date of announcement.