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  Posted time:2017-06-03 13:33:29
The 105 academic year commencement .....Read more

  Posted time:2017-04-17 09:30:27
Congratulations! Our three faculties, Fe-Lin Lin Wu, Lih-Ching Hsu and Pi-Hui Liang, win 2016 Excellent Teacher Award .....Read more

  Posted time:2017-03-13 10:07:38
NTU Pharmacy and Pharmacology ranked 36th in 2017 QS world university rankings by subject .....Read more

  Posted time:2016-07-15 09:58:50
Subsidy for undergraduate participating international activities announcement .....Read more

  Posted time:2016-01-14 15:51:41
Congratulations! Associate Professor Ching-Hua Kuo wins the 2015 Ching-Hsing Medical Award .....Read more

  Posted time:2015-10-16 13:58:32
Congratulations! Professor Y.Jane Tseng wins TWi Pharmaceuticals Foundation -Old Drug New Use Innovation Award
.....Read more

  Posted time:2015-10-16 13:49:09
Congratulations! Teacher Fei-Yuan Sharon Hsiao becomes Associate Professor. .....Read more

  Posted time:2015-10-16 13:47:24
Congratulations! Professor and Dean Jih-Hwa Guh wins 2014 Excellent Teacher Award .....Read more

  Posted time:2015-10-16 13:46:37
Congratulations! Associate Professor Li-Jiuan Shen wins 2014 Distinguished Teachers Award. .....Read more

  Posted time:2015-10-16 13:43:36
Congratulations! Associate Professor Fan-Lu Kung wins 2014 Excellent Tutor Award .....Read more

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