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Master Programs
1. A minimun of 24 credits is required(excluding thesis).

2. Required courses:

Thesis0The grades of thesis account for 1/2 of total grades for graduation
Seminar1required for 2 semesters
Seminar in Pharmaceutical Sciences 1required for 1 semester
New Drug Discovery(I)2required
Instrumental Analysis3one of these 2 courses is required
Instrumental Analysis Introduction2

3. 3 courses of the 18 items below are required:

Natural Product Chemistry 2Drug Isolation Techniques 2
Stereochemistry in Drug Research 2Special Topics in Nmr Spectroscopy 1
Advanced Organic Chemistry(I)4Advanced Organic Chemistry(II)4
Molecular Biology3Cell Biology3
Drug Stability2Pharmacokinetics2
Advanced Analytical Chemistry(I)2Advanced Analytical Chemistry(II)2
Biopharmaceutical Delivery 3New Drug Design2
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology2Special Topics in Drug Screening2
Molecular Medicinal Chemistry 2    
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