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Full-time Faculty
Yen-Ming Huang
Title:Assistant Professor
TEL:+886-2-3366-8784     Email:yenming927@ntu.edu.tw
PortfolioPortfolio ResearchResearch
Books:Name:Medication adherence, Chapter e5. Pharmacotherapy: A Pathophysiologic Approach (2023). Edited by DiPiro JT, Yee GC, Haines ST, Nolin TD, Ringold V, Cocohoba J, and Posey LM. (2023)
Authors:Lin FJ, Huang YM, Ho YF

Research Projects:Subject:Standardizing pharmacoeconomic evaluation of dispensing services in community pharmacies: an exploratory sequential mixed methods study (MOST 110-2320-B-002-079-MY3)
Duration:2021-11 ~ 2024-10
Principal Investigator:Yen-Ming Huang
Co-principal Investigator:Yunn-Fang Ho

Subject:Integration of blended multimedia learning to prepare phamacy students with better self-efficacy in over-the-counter medication counseling ability
Duration:2022-08 ~ 2023-07
Principal Investigator:Yen-Ming Huang
Co-principal Investigator:Yunn-Fang Ho, Hsun-Yu Chan

Subject:Application of design thinking and capstone course to enhance professional competency of pharmacy students in pharmaceutical care
Duration:2023-08 ~ 2024-07
Principal Investigator:Yen-Ming Huang
Co-principal Investigator:Yunn-Fang Ho, Hsun-Yu Chan

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